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Dispatch Board

Stay on top of deliveries: real-time load access for you and your drivers

Take dispatcher-driver communication to the next level

Poor communication leads to delays, unsatisfied drivers, and unhappy customers, which can quickly impact your company’s profit and destroy your reputation. RouteMate Dispatch Board enables communication for each party and ultimately helps reduce miscommunication and delays.

This centralized platform enables you to stay in contact with your drivers at all times and avoid misunderstandings. With drivers, fleet managers, and brokers having access to loads at any time, communication rises to a whole different level.

Key benefits:

Improved route planning efficiency

Advanced dispatch-driver communication

Better document organization

Quickly identify and reduce
the risk of accidents

We know how important it is to see vehicle and load statuses in one place. The RouteMate Dispatch Board feature allows you to monitor vehicles and loads in real time, including movement, idling and stops.

Instant notifications from the drivers’ mobile provide full visibility and allow dispatchers to contact brokers and drivers anytime. Real-time visibility allows you to quickly identify and address any safety concerns, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.



of unhappy customers stay with a company if their issues are quickly resolved.


hours spent on paperwork is saved if you digitalize your documents.


is the fine range for not submitting a Bill of Lading.

Get rid of the huge paperwork load and save time

Paperwork can take up to 15 minutes per day, which is approximately 90 hours per year. With RouteMate ELD, the mountains of paperwork will be a thing of the past.

Users can store all documents they need in one place, in digital format. Whether you need a Bill of Lading, Proof of Delivery, or any other document, both you and your driver will be able to see all the necessary documents directly in the app.

Improve transparency and customer satisfaction

RouteMate uses a smart system that calculates the current location, speed, and distance to the final destination. Combined with route status, fleet managers can determine whether the delivery will arrive on time.

Thanks to this information, they can improve customer satisfaction by notifying them of the status of their delivery.

The connected Fleet
Management Platform:

Discover the comprehensive range of solutions that RouteMate offers to
streamline and optimize your business operations.

ELD compliance

IFTA reporting

Fuel management

Security center

Real-time GPS tracking

Maintenance solution

Setup & Implementation

Quick setup and top-notch implementation services and support

  • 10 minutes ELD setup
  • Dedicated customer care specialist
  • 24/7 driver support
  • Free driver training resources
  • Multi-language customer support
  • Web app onboarding included

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