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AI Dashcams

Prevent accidents, save drivers’ lives

Monitor and improve driver safety with instant alerts

RouteMate advanced AI Dashcam detects unsafe driving behaviors instantly, alerting drivers and managers in real time. This helps managers monitor performance, identify risks, and provide coaching to improve road safety.

It offers live streams and video access directly from the dashboard, making fleet management easier and enhancing safety with AI insights.

Key benefits:

Reduced insurance premiums

Improved driver behavior

Protected drivers’ lives

Secure instant video
access and protect
your drivers

With our AI dashcam’s real-time monitoring and evidence center, you can quickly recover crucial video footage during incidents. This helps resolve traffic violations and insurance claims faster, saving you money.

Our dashcams also use advanced safety features like speed limit alerts and collision warnings to promote safe driving and prevent accidents.



people lose their lives every day on the roads on average.


of accidents are not the fault of truck drivers.


reduction in crash costs was seen after implementing dashcams

It's not your fault,
and we can prove it

RouteMate AI dashcam provides indisputable proof of innocence for drivers. Save on insurance with clear video evidence of accidents, identifying responsibility, and preventing future incidents.

Protect your drivers and business with automatic notifications and permanent logs on RouteMate, capturing all harsh events with detailed data for ongoing safety assurance.

Day or night, you’re
always safe with us

With RouteMate advanced, user-friendly, and designed to fit every cabin dashcam, you’ll never miss a second. Wide-angle lens with full HD 1080p video capability, 6-axis G-sensor, and starlight sensors, your drivers will be safe at any point of the day.

Starlight sensors use image sensor technology to produce good quality color images in low light conditions, raising road safety to the highest level even when driving at night.

The connected Fleet
Management Platform:

Discover the comprehensive range of solutions that RouteMate offers to
streamline and optimize your business operations.

ELD compliance

IFTA reporting

Fuel management

Security center

Real-time GPS tracking

Maintenance solution

Setup & Implementation

Quick setup and top-notch implementation services and support

  • 10 minutes ELD setup
  • Dedicated customer care specialist
  • 24/7 driver support
  • Free driver training resources
  • Multi-language customer support
  • Web app onboarding included

Ready to level up?

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