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ELD Unplugged Events

Stay compliant and protected. Get instant notification when ELD gets disconnected

Prevent Violations by knowing instantly if an ELD is unplugged

Disconnecting the ELD device can result in violations and penalties, jeopardizing your CSA score. RouteMate immediately notifies fleet managers if their drivers unplugged the ELD. Once notified, they can check the last known driver and vehicle location directly from the Dashboard.

Fleet managers will prevent potential violations and ensure compliance by being immediately aware of which vehicles are disconnected and their location.

Key benefits:

Improved CSA score

Guaranteed compliance

100% accurate IFTA reports

Protect your drivers even when it seems impossible

In case of an accident, even if your driver hasn’t done anything wrong, an unplugged ELD and untracked hours and miles can appear suspicious and hurt their case. With RouteMate, you can protect them.

RouteMate allows you to check the time, location, and odometer reading when the device was unplugged and reconnected. It also calculates the total distance traveled while the ELD was unplugged, helping to exonerate your drivers from any possible charges.



or higher safety score is considered high-risk and may be subject to additional inspections and enforcement actions.


accuracy is guaranteed for the users of RouteMate IFTA Reports.


of HOS violations were reduced thanks to real-time alerts.

IFTA reports troubles when ELD is unplugged? We got your back!

Precision is the highest priority during IFTA report calculations. If an ELD unplugged event happens, some data may be missing. RouteMate comprehensive reports provide information on all unplugged events for all vehicles in one place with the Unplugged Events report and IFTA Mileage and State reports.

All a user has to do is select the date range and get the total unplugged distance for each vehicle. This way, you’ll get 100% accurate IFTA reports throughout the year.

Know when drivers reconnect the ELD - gain full control!

Together with the unplugged ELD event notification, RouteMate also provides a “reconnect” moment notification. This ensures accurate mileage tracking and driver activities even when the device is unplugged. Fleet managers will have precise data, allowing them to fill in the gaps created during these events and make manual edits as needed.

By using the RouteMate Unplugged Events feature, fleet managers will maintain compliance, enhance operational transparency, and know with certainty that their logs are accurate, resulting in improved safety, compliance, and streamlined fleet management.

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