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RouteMate Fuel Management Solution

Reduce fuel consumption, maximize asset utilization, and lower the overall fleet costs

Fleet managers face significant financial headaches primarily due to fuel expenses, emphasizing the importance of maintaining control over assets for successful fuel management. From having a full overview of the nearest fuel stations in the US and real-time prices to having full insight into all fuel purchases, RouteMate Fuel Management Solution provides all the tools you need to handle the industry’s burning issues.

Having trouble keeping track of all the fuel spent in your fleet?

Look no further

Reacting on time is always the best way to solve a problem. This is also the case with fleets having fuel management issues. RouteMate is an end-to-end ELD solution that has all the necessary features to help you with the issue at hand.

Whether you are unsure of the way drivers use fuel or how much you have spent in the previous period, we offer a solution that will help you be more relaxed.

Efficient fuel management

Identify areas of improvement in fuel consumption and improve how you use your financial resources.

Transparent data in one place

Prevent fuel theft by knowing where and how much fuel was purchased and save time by having all fuel-related parameters in a single tab.

Live fuel prices

Know the fuel prices across the US to organize your finances better and make the purchase in the state with the lowest fuel price.

Are you constantly struggling with overusing some vehicles?

Let us simplify asset
utilization for you

Optimal asset utilization is very important but also quite difficult to achieve. What makes it even more difficult is not knowing how much your vehicles or trailers are used on a daily basis.

Whether your vehicles are in the state of idling too often or they are spending too much time on the road while others are dormant, you will know all this with RouteMate Fuel Management.

Proper asset management

Know how much your vehicles have been idle and how much fuel they used while in that state to reorganize your fleet and reduce fuel consumption.

Quick reports

Monitor all fuel costs by having access to detailed reports to reduce them to a minimum.

Better cost optimization

Increase your profits by saving on fuel costs by preventing having inefficiently used vehicles in your fleet.

Tired of keeping track
of all the spreadsheets?

Stop constantly going back
and forth with fuel calculations

Having all your processes automated and done for you is the ultimate goal these days. This also goes for a successful fuel management system. Trust RouteMate ELD and its automated reporting system to do the job for you and provide accurate data whenever you need it.

Precise IFTA reports

Have error-free IFTA reports available to you each quarter and save yourself from the trouble of manual calculations.

The most accurate data

Access the data of all the vehicles with the ELD unplugged status and know the mileage they traveled while their device was unplugged.

Customized for you

Customize RouteMate digital reports the way you need to and optimize your fleet’s performance in the best way possible.

The connected Fleet
Management Platform:

Discover the comprehensive range of solutions that RouteMate offers to
streamline and optimize your business operations.

ELD compliance

IFTA reporting

Fuel management

Security center

Real-time GPS tracking

Maintenance solution

Setup & Implementation

Quick setup and top-notch implementation services and support

  • 10 minutes ELD setup
  • Dedicated customer care specialist
  • 24/7 driver support
  • Free driver training resources
  • Multi-language customer support
  • Web app onboarding included

Ready to level up?

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