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RouteMate Real-time GPS tracking

Know where your vehicle
is at all times to prevent unauthorized usage

Knowing where your assets are can be a critical point for successful fleet management. The RouteMate Real-time GPS Tracking Solution is perfect for managing assets and tracking location, speed, or sudden stops.

As one of the most important things in the industry is to secure the cargo, we provide fleet managers the option to monitor cargo movement, ensuring it stays on the route and reaches the destination safely.

Having problems with finding your vehicles and late deliveries?

We've got you covered

Thanks to RouteMate Real-time GPS Tracking Solution, fleet managers will be able to mark the designated area on the map and cover the whole route.

With our real-time alerts, you will be notified when the vehicle leaves the marked area. In this way, we provide a guarantee of the safety of your loads and timely arrivals.

Secured assets

Mark a geofence area on the map to prevent theft of both your vehicle and your trailers.

On-time deliveries

Know if a need for rerouting arises and be able to let everybody know on time that the delivery will be late to avoid any misunderstandings or client dissatisfaction.

Optimized asset management

Ensure your assets are used properly and prevent unauthorized asset usage to reduce costs.

Worried about the mileage?

Unplugged ELD will not be a problem anymore

Unplugged miles can create quite a problem, especially when it comes to the annual IFTA reports and the general safety of the loads.

Thanks to our sophisticated GPS Tracking devices, RouteMate allows fleet managers to know the mileage and the location even when the driver unplugs the ELD device.

Protected loads

Secure both your trailers and your trucks with our GPS devices and prevent theft of both your assets and your loads.

Uninterrupted mileage tracking

Have the exact mileage of each vehicle in your fleet thanks to the option to track the miles even when the device is unplugged.

Efficient fleet monitoring

Check if the asset is not utilized, is idle, inactive for too long, or wastes fuel unnecessarily to optimize the overall fleet efficiency.

Are you uncertain about
the ETA of your loads?

Enhance communication by
knowing it at all times

It is often difficult to maintain communication that flows without any inconsistencies or misunderstandings, especially if several parties are included. RouteMate makes communication smooth and simplifies sharing information about loads yet to be delivered.

Live communication

Notify the third party about a delay in case of a traffic jam or any other vehicle issues that may arise along the way.

Fully protected data

Be sure your data is always safe with our expiring live share links, and make sure broker-dispatcher communication goes smoothly.

Live assistance

Become a virtual co-driver and be ready to help if any issues arise by always knowing your vehicle’s live location.

The connected Fleet
Management Platform:

Discover the comprehensive range of solutions that RouteMate offers to
streamline and optimize your business operations.

ELD compliance

IFTA reporting

Fuel management

Security center

Real-time GPS tracking

Maintenance solution

Setup & Implementation

Quick setup and top-notch implementation services and support

  • 10 minutes ELD setup
  • Dedicated customer care specialist
  • 24/7 driver support
  • Free driver training resources
  • Multi-language customer support
  • Web app onboarding included

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