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In 2019, the ELD mandate came into full effect. Although the rules have been in place for some time now, some fleet owners and drivers are still unsure about all the advantages telematics can have on their operations. 

So, what does it really mean to operate a safe and compliant fleet? And what does having the right ELD solution mean for your business? Will any ELD provide the same benefits? Keep reading to find out.

Improved Safety and Compliance

Drivers have a responsibility to ensure their vehicle is in top condition before starting their journey. Besides planning out their routes, they must keep track of their HOS and take regular breaks necessary to ensure they remain alert. 


An ELD solution like RouteMate manages HOS for drivers by combining required vehicle data with driver status from the mobile application. When the driver logs into the mobile app on their smartphone or tablet, their hours are managed automatically while they can focus on driving. In addition to reducing risks of potentially hazardous situations, a telematics solution helps prevent DOT violations.

Increased Automation and Efficiency

Any trucking company’s main goal is to haul freight, give their drivers the right loads, and ensure they are delivered on time while following FMCSA rules and regulations. These daily tasks take a lot of time and planning to allow the company to provide the best possible service. Through ELDs, fleet managers can keep an eye on the vehicles in real-time and redirect them if necessary. The full insight into the drivers’ daily activities, such as the driving hours, load status, as well as estimated arrival and delivery times, available through the app, allows managers to manage their operations accurately and efficiently.

In addition, ELDs save time on reporting. With RouteMate, fleet operators can quickly run reports on driver logs, HOS violations, DVIRs, and unassigned miles. This allows them to make informed decisions that can be a huge plus in building a great reputation.

Greater Productivity and Revenue

ELDs allow companies to see how much drive time their truck drivers have left in their day. With this insight, they can assign drivers with a few hours left on their log to closer jobs and drivers with a full day to jobs with farther driving distances. Now that driver days are planned more efficiently, fleet managers can achieve greater productivity and increase the company’s revenue.


While the drivers are focusing on the road, managers can use RouteMate to gain insight into the costs of each segment of running a fleet. Monitoring avoidable expenses, such as HOS violations, unnecessary vehicle maintenance and downtime, and safety-related fines, helps companies enforce best practices by encouraging drivers to drive safely, thus increasing the potential for enhanced daily productivity.

Reduced Costs

There are many ways in which ELDs help companies reduce the costs of their operations. For starters, they can do so by eliminating paper logbooks, including RODS. With the right ELD solution, your company can save an estimated $705 per driver per year. It also reduces the amount of time drivers spend logging their HOS by 4.5 minutes per RODS, which adds up to about 19 hours annually.


The technology can also help companies reduce accidents, liability claims, and insurance costs due to increased driving habits and behaviors. RouteMate allows fleet managers insight into harsh driving and speeding events, helping them address them in real time through driver coaching, which results in fewer expenses overall.

Get the Best ELD for Your Business

Overall, running a fleet is much easier with ELD on board. However, one size does not fit all, and it is important to select a provider that will meet all your needs. Schedule a demo presentation with us, and see whether we are the provider you are looking for, no strings attached!


We provide a quality product, constantly evolving to offer more features to help your business become even more efficient. Additionally, our support team is available at all times to resolve any issues you might encounter. As your ELD provider, RouteMate will help you get all issues resolved quickly, saving you time and money. 


Your success is our success. 


  •  How does an ELD improve safety and compliance?

An ELD solution like RouteMate ensures drivers manage their Hours of Service (HOS) accurately, reducing the risk of fatigue-related incidents. It also helps prevent DOT violations by automatically tracking and managing essential vehicle and driver data.

  •  How does an ELD increase automation and efficiency?

ELDs provide real-time visibility into vehicle locations, job statuses, and estimated arrival times, allowing fleet managers to optimize routes and assignments efficiently. RouteMate also streamlines reporting tasks, saving time and enabling informed decision-making.

  • What productivity and revenue benefits come with using an ELD?

By optimizing driver schedules based on remaining drive time, companies can increase productivity and revenue. RouteMate’s cost monitoring features help identify avoidable expenses, fostering safer driving practices and higher daily productivity.

  •  How does an ELD contribute to reduced operational costs?

Switching from paper logbooks to ELDs saves time and resources. RouteMate estimates savings of $705 per driver annually and reduces HOS logging time significantly. Additionally, ELDs promote safer driving habits, leading to fewer accidents, claims, and insurance costs.

  •  How can I find the best ELD solution for my business?

Schedule a demo with us to explore RouteMate’s features and see if our solution aligns with your business needs. We prioritize product quality, continuous improvement, and responsive support to ensure your success in leveraging ELD technology effectively.

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